Meet Auldhouse AWS instructor Raj Bhadresa

Having followed the evolution of technology from physical infrastructure to virtual and cloud computing, becoming an AWS instructor was a natural progression for Raj Bhadresa.

Ever keeping with times, Raj started his technology training career over 22 years ago specialising in Microsoft technology, eventually focussing on Azure cloud services, before moving to VMWare. Along the way, he also taught Cisco and Citrix technology.

But when Auldhouse was announced an authorised training delivery partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in July, Raj decided becoming an accredited trainer in the world’s leading cloud platform was an opportunity not to be missed.

“Cloud computing created a revolutionary change in the technology industry and as the market leader in cloud infrastructure, AWS will continue to play a significant role in how technology evolves,” he says.

“With cloud becoming more widely adopted, helping people understand the cloud and how AWS works, is an exciting opportunity.”

Opportunities also abound for IT professionals and service providers who gain AWS certification, says Raj.

“As more organisations in New Zealand look to deploy cloud solutions, they will certainly consider AWS as one of the options. This will generate greater demand for people who understand AWS and who can manage and support AWS deployments,” he says.

Becoming AWS certified can also be financially rewarding for IT professionals.

“A recent survey found that AWS-certified professionals in North America earn 30% more than other certified professionals,” says Raj.

“The more organisations invest in cloud solutions, such as AWS, the more they will be willing to pay to attract certified people.”

Why Auldhouse for AWS?

As to why Auldhouse is the best place for New Zealanders to come for AWS training, Raj cites the company’s well-rounded legacy of technology training.

“Auldhouse has been in the industry for a long time. We have seen how technology has changed over the years and can appreciate the complexity of moving from an on-premises to cloud-based IT service,” says Raj.

“What further differentiates Auldhouse is that we are a true multi-cloud training provider, so organisations can come to us not just for their AWS training, but also for Azure and Google Cloud.”

In addition, Auldhouse is also the authorised local training provider for Red Hat and VMware, which are global Technology Partners of AWS.

“This means our customers can get their training in all of these platforms from a single trusted provider and rest assured we have full knowledge of how these services work together,” says Raj.

Being AWS accredited means Auldhouse has direct exposure to AWS and how it sees technology evolving.

“The courseware is all provided directly by AWS, and is aligned with what they see as the future technology needs of organisations. Coming to Auldhouse for AWS training is like being educated directly by the vendor.”

Since Auldhouse is also the only authorised AWS testing centre in the country, customers can complete their full AWS training at Auldhouse – from their first introduction all the way through to their certification.

Auldhouse offers the following AWS Cloud Practitioner and Associate Level Certification courses: