AWS-certified professionals earn up to 30% more than other IT pros – study

Average IT salaries in New Zealand and Australia are the highest in the world, according to the the Global Knowledge 2018 IT Skills and Salary Survey.AWS-certified professionals in North America earn substantially more than other IT certified professionals, according to a recent survey.

The Global Knowledge 2018 IT Skills and Salary Survey found that the average salary of IT professionals in the United States and Canada who boast an AWS certification is 30% higher than for other certified professionals.

Of the 16,000 IT professionals from around the world who participated in the survey, 807 respondents said they hold an AWS certification. The average salary of an AWS-certified IT professional was found to be around US$113,000 – the highest of all certifications in the United States and Canada.

Globally, the average salary for AWS-certified professionals is US$84,108 – the third highest after those with business architecture and governance certifications.

Specifically, the average salary for those holding the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level in the United States and Canada was US$117,773, while the average salary for those with the AWS Certified Systems Operations Administrator – Associate certification was US$125,149.

While salaries in New Zealand may not be as high as in North America, the increasing demand for AWS here means an AWS certification will only become more valuable, says Auldhouse AWS trainer, Raj Bhadresa.

“AWS is the leading cloud platform in the world, so the need for AWS skills and expertise here will only increase,” he says.

“As more organisations deploy AWS in New Zealand, AWS-certified professionals will be able to demand even better salary packages.”

The survey found certifications in fields such as security, business architecture and governance, yield the highest average salaries in Asia-Pacific. However, those with AWS certifications were still among the top 15 earners.

New Zealand in top 10 IT salaries

The survey also listed New Zealand among the top 10 countries for IT salaries, along with the US, Hong Kong, Australia and several European countries, including Switzerland, Germany and Norway.

The report also found the Oceania region, which includes New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, had the highest combined average IT salary at US$92,016 – 8% greater than the North American average of US$85,310.

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