Meet our Google Cloud Platform experts

Auldhouse was recently appointed the official training partner for Google Cloud Platform in New Zealand.

Following a rigorous process, including exams and evaluations from Google trainers, we now have the only two certified Google Cloud trainers in New Zealand – Chris Barker and James Finley.

Chris is the instructor for our Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Big Data & Machine Learning and Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform courses. James runs our Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure and Architecting with Google Cloud Platform: Infrastructure courses.

Meet Chris and James below:

Chris Barker

Chris Barker, Google Cloud Platform instructor, Auldhouse Training
Chris Barker

Chris has been a trainer since 1989 and has been an instructor at Auldhouse for 11 years.

A true cloud computing enthusiast, Chris has worked with Microsoft Azure for over a decade – “before most people knew what cloud computing was”.

He believes cloud skills are essential for anyone wanting to build a career in IT.

“Cloud computing is changing the way we work. The market is ripe for people trained in this technology to meet the changing environment.”

Google Cloud Platform is a clear favourite for Chris.

“Many of the Google Cloud Platform are replicated in other cloud computing offerings, such as Azure or AWS. However, Google has some compelling points of difference and pricing that make it the market leader in my opinion.”

Becoming Google Cloud certified is a great opportunity to IT professionals to differentiate themselves, says Chris.

“Certification from a vendor, like Google, is a great way to demonstrate proficiency in a technical area.

“There is a world-wide shortage of IT professionals who are able to work with the increasing complexity and size of modern data sets and their analysis. As a data engineer, being Google Cloud certified is a big point of difference.”

For IT service providers meanwhile, the number of Google Cloud Platform-certified professionals they have, provides credibility and respect in the marketplace, adds Chris.

James Finley

James Finley, Google Cloud Platform instructor, Auldhouse Training
James Finley

James has worked at Auldhouse as trainer for nearly 20 years. For most of that time he specialised in Microsoft technology. During the past five years he branched out to ITIL training before turning his attention to cloud technology focussing on the Microsoft Azure platform.

This experience has set James up well for the transition to teaching Google Cloud. His Azure training background allows him to teach Google Cloud concepts in terms students can understand.

“Most of our students have experience on other cloud platforms. Being able to draw on what they already know, I can give them some context which allows them to learn the new technology faster.”

As Google Cloud emerges as a worthy contender to cloud platform market leaders, Microsoft and AWS, now is the perfect time to start learning it, says James.

“Google Cloud is making up a lot of ground. As more organisations start to evaluate the platform, Google Cloud skills will become increasingly useful to have.”

Since Google Cloud is still relatively new in the market, a certification in the technology is currently one of the few ways for IT professionals and service providers to prove their proficiency with the platform.

“With Google Cloud expertise not yet widespread locally, a certification is a quantifiable way to show you have relevant skills and knowledge in the technology.”

Why Auldhouse for cloud training?

Says James: “Regardless of what cloud platform you’ve chosen we can provide the training. Our trainers have been working in these technologies for several years. They have the experience to understand how customers use cloud computing, so can match their training to customers’ needs.”

Says Chris: “The trainers at Auldhouse have more years’ experience in cloud computing than most, if not all, service providers in New Zealand. We have certifications and endorsements from cloud vendors, while also being independent. Our trainers can provide best-of-breed advice on which offerings from which vendor will best suit a project’s requirements.”

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