Secrets to better time management

time managementMultitasking has become all too common in our time-poor lifestyles. But what are the secrets to managing your time better?

Earlier this year Auldhouse Training’s Leigh Richardson shared her top time management tips with Here’s some of her advice…

Trying to focus on how to achieve better time management is a great place to start, but it’s often hard to implement, especially as an ongoing habit. You need to think about how you can put new time management skills into action.

A great way to start is to break things down into smaller chunks to help you focus so you can set and achieve goals.

Be sure to set realistic goals and time frames, and share these with your colleagues, friends and family. Often an individual plan becomes a shared vision which is easier to achieve with a combined effort – and you never know who may offer a fabulous idea that’ll really set your goal in motion.

Plan strategically

Start your goal setting by sorting your values, your priorities and what is important to you in the way you want to live. Make a list on a notepad or device – and then think about how you can action these.

On a daily basis, make a list of what you want to achieve each day – not only tasks and errands, but your own personal time as well. It’s just as important!

Knowing how your day will run sets you up to be way more productive and allows you to know when you can schedule in well-deserved me-time. Use tools and technology to your advantage – a tool like Microsoft OneNote can help you capture and organise lists, notes and ideas across devices.

Prioritise effectively

Be careful not to create an unachievably long list of to-dos. You can’t do it all! It’s better to get the buzz of achievement completing five things in good time, rather than feeling like a failure because you couldn’t tick off everything on your silly-long list.

Learn to say ‘no’ to requests that don’t align with your values.

And remember, it’s important to have a break from work pressure, household errands, family organisation, never-ending chores, etc. So schedule time for yourself and the things you like doing. Spending time doing things we enjoy gives us a better sense of work-life balance, and therefore help us to feel happier.

Give yourself permission to have fun too – happy endorphins will flow, you’ll feel energised and the better for it.

It takes a while to make and break habits, so don’t give up – before you know it your new prioritised life will be routine.

For more in-depth help, consider our popular Time Management Course. It will provide you with techniques and methods to become more productive and to manage your time more effectively. You’ll also learn effective time management strategies such as goal setting, task prioritisation and how to overcome procrastination.