Webinar: Business Relationship Management – A Strategic Role Unleashed

Business relationship management plays a vital role in maintaining positive relationships with customers.

But business relationship management is more than just a fluffy concept – it’s an actual practice with models and frameworks that can help you develop stronger and longer lasting relationship with your customers.

Jack Probst, Pink Elephant
Jack Probst, Pink Elephant

In the free webinar below Jack Probst, Principal Consultant at Pink

Elephant, shares how a Business Relationship Management (BRM) practice

can help strengthen the relationship between IT service providers and their customers and partners.

Jack also covers the basic elements of the business relationship manager role and takes a look at key practices, models and frameworks critical to successful BRM. Finally, Jack provides a quick look at the BRM Professional certification.

Learn more about Business Relationship Management

Our Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) training and certification program offers a comprehensive foundation for business relationship managers at every experience level. The training and certification provides a solid baseline level of knowledge regarding the BRM role and how BRM disciplines can positively impact overall business results.

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