How ITIL helps you keep your ear to the ground

Itil - Information Technology Infrastructure Library

In our previous post we discussed the importance of moving beyond just basic ITIL training in your organisation.

We also pointed out the need to have everyone in the IT team complete at least a Foundation ITIL training course.

This time around we look at more reasons why this is so important.

As mentioned before, one of the best reasons you want to ensure people at all levels in your IT team have some ITIL knowledge is that it helps ensure they all know how they contribute to the overall goal of the team and therefore the organisation.

Another major reason for getting everyone trained up in ITIL is because they’re then able to ask the right questions if something is missing or not working as it should.

Many of your frontline people will know if something is amiss. But often they just don’t know who to ask about it or even if they can ask.

They will know what information they need to get their job done but may not be getting that information. Having a foundation level of skill in ITIL would help them know who to ask for the information they need.

A common language

Crucially, ITIL also teaches people how to ask for what they need. It gives everyone in the team a common language to express their concerns in.

So if they’re talking about a particular concept, others will know exactly what they’re referring to because everyone is using the same language.

Equipping your frontline people to be able to communicate any issues they encounter in a way that’s universally understood will help you keep your ear to the ground and learn about any potential complications before they become problems.

This is because ITIL is a very process driven approach.

Without it your team will just be playing catch-up and IT will not be the agents of change in your organisation.

Roger Shaw is a highly sought after trainer for the delivery of the ITIL range of certifications throughout Australia and New Zealand to a diverse range of individuals and organisations from all industry sectors. He has been an IT Service Management & Training Consultant at Auldhouse since 2011.